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My father has promised to start saving!

December 26th, 2008 at 10:21 pm

To tell you the story, I have to provide a bit of a back story. I started learning about money about 2 years ago due to Suze Orman mostly, and trying to pass my knowledge along to others (sort of like a religion, lol). I've learned a ton from watching financial shows, reading books, and forums of course. Well, I guess some of this has gotten to my parent's heads because my dad found an ING brochure with a free $25 offer for starting a new account. He asked me if it was a good company and I told him all about ING.
As for my parents' background they are 57 and 48 and have no money saved. No savings account, 401k, nothin'. The 401k my dad had once was cashed out due to there not being a lot in it (?). So the reason I'm so happy is that it really was bothering me that they had nothing at all saved. If I said something, my dad would only get frustrated and say he didn't have a lot of money to save. It's true they don't have a lot of money, but even 25-50 a month would be a start! I just hope he keeps his word that he will continue to save money for them (my mom hasn't worked at an employed job for over 20 years.) Yay!