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haven't written in a while, just money ramblings

July 28th, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Well the last time I wrote, it got deleted so I'll try again.

The main thing I wanted to write about was my car loan. It will be paid off next month!! I decided instead of dragging it out with 3 smaller payments to just do 2 large ones since I feel I can afford it. It's depressing to spend most of your paycheck on a car loan but it will feel sooo good not to have it on my back anymore. So I will pay 553 dollars next month and it will be done. Title please! I've been saving change and picking up whatever change I see on the ground and putting all of that towards it too. I gave the bank $25 in change which I had saved for several months.

In other money news I am owed $50 from my work for a work expense. I just haven't gotten around to claiming it. Also my fsa account is giving me back at least $60. Do any of you that have an fsa account have to save receipts so you can send it in with forms to reclaim your money? Probably not. It's the stupidest thing ever. I wish I hadn't done it looking back but now I know. So now that the papers are mailed in I have to wait until the money is deposited in my bank account. Also only until recently did they deposit the money direct deposit. They were sending checks out. That would have been fine I guess but it just would have taken longer. They won't switch to debit fsa's because "not enough employees enroll in fsa". This is Walgreens, not Mom and Pop's Pharmacy and Convenience store. I hope they see this post btw. Thanks for letting me rant!

So for less money news, I went to auto zone recently to pick up some auto coolant. I decided to get some for my sister as well. I found some buy one get one with a rebate. So I filled out the rebate then got it in the mail. As a side note, I received from them what I thought was a post card. Nope, it was THE rebate check. In postcard form. WTF?? It just seemed wrong to me. So anyway I was happy about that and put the check away in my room. It then disappeared when things were moved around (not by me.) I believe it had an expiration date on it to cash it by and I cannot find it anywhere! I'm really mad at myself for this but I swear to god this house eats things, anyone in my family will tell you the same thing. $13.99 vanished.

I got a dog recently as well. He is a Pekingese mix (Pekingese face, Papillion-like body, so I don't have to deal with all the hair). I did get him from a shelter, a kill-shelter at that, though I don't think they would have euthanized him since he was very adoptable. The lab techs even kept him with them while they worked since he was so quite and nice. He is 2 to 3 years old and only has one eye. He was given up by the owner because of the cost of his surgery. I don't know exactly what happened, just some sort of accident. He's a wonderful little dog though we are still working on potty training. He picked up a "potty wherever I want to" habit in the shelter but he's doing very well. I will add pictures so you can see Jackie.

It costs so much to have a dog! Especially getting started! Heartworm/flea meds were over $60, plus a followup vet visit. And I got so mad because I spent a lot of money at Petco for supplies. The shelter had given me coupons for rescue dogs. I thought they were for Petsmart so I left them at home. Of course when I looked at them again they were for Petco. I really need to pay attention to detail if I am to become a smart money person.

Anyway even with the money spent I'm so glad I have him. I had a dog briefly over 15 years ago but because of issues that were not the dog's fault we had to give her up. I missed her very much and I grew up with dogs so it always feels like something is missing. They are a lot of work but it is rewarding and I wish I could do more for the shelter dogs (and cats). It sounds corny but we are very lucky to have each other!

Well, sorry for the unexpectedly long post, I envy you guys who can post more frequently, because I can't seem to keep up with anything.