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Car is PAID OFF!!

August 23rd, 2010 at 09:13 pm

What? I know, I can hardly believe it either. I went inside the bank today (with my check, some cash, and some change) and expected to sign a bunch of papers or something, something meaningful (balloons falling from the ceiling?) Nope, just a "Your title will come in 7 to 10 days." Well at least it's over with. Now, just some student loans to work on and unfortunately some charged off medical debt. So now I have a paid off car!

Medical Bills- UGH!

August 17th, 2010 at 03:36 pm

So I had a bunch of blood tests done that I didn't even really need in March. I wasn't even aware of what they were testing for. I just knew that I was being tested for problems with my liver (I am an epileptic and am on a medication that can affect the liver, so no I'm not an alcoholic, lol!) The tests range from 29.75 to 90.50 and there were 6 of them done which caused the bill to be 365.35. I think that is ridiculous. Five months later I finally get the bill for 124.00. The insurance picked up the rest. Actually my insurance sent ME a check for this amount way back in April but I didn't know who the money was for since I hadn't received a bill from anybody. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining since technically insurance paid the whole thing (the 124 is actually from my health savings account). But it just sucks that I'm getting the bill now. I don't know if I should pay it from my checking account or pull it from my savings where I originally put the money.

In other news, in a few days from now I will be paying the very last payment on my car. It will feel so good. It's a large payment though (550) so my checking account won't be feeling so good.

I put a dress up on Craigslist that I had never worn and it didn't sell. I'm going to try and sell it through ebay I guess since I would like to make money off it before donating it. It was once an expensive dress.

Bye everyone, and hope everyone is having better weather than I am here. It has been raining consistently all day due to some storm that's hit the gulf.