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Debt update

September 30th, 2009 at 09:23 pm

I was a little late paying my car payment because I just couldn't get to the bank on time! It was due on the 25th and I finally paid it today. There are fees involved if I pay 10 days late, so I wasn't worried. What I don't like is that interest goes up by a few dollars depending on how late I pay! And although I can get into the Credit Union online system, I haven't figured out how to pay it online. This CU is two towns away (on campus at LSU) so it's a pain in the butt. I may start mailing it if I can't figure it out online. But anyway that aside, I paid $361 dollars toward the car loan which is $100 more than I have to pay. I used a check, extra paper dollars and some change as well. It is now down to $3,993!!

Also a little while ago I signed up for Mint.com and I absolutely love it. It's what I really need to keep me in check! A friend downloaded quicken into my netbook, and it never could upload my stuff. If any of you need help budgeting I highly recommend it if you don't already do something like it or have an account. I think it's fun to look at the pie graphs and such. Obviously I've never done this before, lol!

Well, back to Venture Brothers!

Rollin' up pennies!

September 22nd, 2009 at 09:05 pm

So right now I'm taking a break from rolling up change to blog. The reason I'm rolling them all up is to exchange them for less car loan debt. Lately I'm been really checking the ground and parking lots to find extra change. I keep it all in a piggy bank. I'm hoping it all adds up to about $15. Plus I have a paper dollar in there Wink

So my car loan debt right now is approx. $4300. My note is $261 but I do my darndest every month to pay $350 for as long as I can afford it. This change will be extra on top of that!

I've also been working all the extra hours I can in order to pay it off. And with any luck I hope to pay it off in under a year! The more I pay on it, the earlier I'll be able to start paying extra on my student loan.