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phone that I haven't had for even a month stopped working!

December 9th, 2009 at 08:14 pm

And I'm really upset about it!! I know it could be worse, but come on, it's not even been an entire month! I spent approximately $36 to upgrade and buy the phone and this happens. I thought that my old replacement Nokia was a bit simple and I really do like this phone (btw it's a Motorola Karma QA1 for anyone interested) but what a piece of crap!

The sad thing is that it wasn't even dropped or anything when the screen went out today. I literally turned the alarm off and the screen never came back on. Really puzzling.

The main thing I'm upset about though is the money that was spent. What if Wal-mart doesn't take it back for some reason or exchange it? I guess I could try to get Motorola themselves to fix it. But that would cost in shipping. The phone has a small dent on one side and a scuff mark on the glass so that's why I'm afraid they won't take it back. If they do, should I even get another one? Grrr...

As for a debt update, car loan is now at 3,360. It's taking forever! Student loan hits for the 1st time next month. Super excited about that as you might understand. Also Christmas presents have yet to be bought!