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Life and money update!

June 22nd, 2009 at 11:33 pm

I've been meaning to write a blog recently and since I don't want to go to sleep, here it is!! Ok so I graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Louisiana State University on May 15th. It was a very exciting day btw! But I've disappointed myself kind of because I had expected to have a new better paying job by now. At the moment I work as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens. It can be an extremely exhausting job and there is always a lot of pressure. Our store is one of the busiest in the district and due to manager changeovers has had numerous issues (mainly people quitting in droves). So basically my job sucks a lot. I'm tired of dealing with all these people that are batsh*t crazy and/or straight up drug addicts. Some of them are just plain sad. But I got the job for the money (better than most flexible hourly jobs) while in college, and some people can't even find any jobs right now, so I guess I should feel lucky??

Anyway, I feel as if things may be looking up soon, as a friend has let me know of a job at a library. I never thought of myself as a librarian type person but I'll try anything at this point. *And* it pays like $5 more than I'm making at the moment. Only thing is is that there's a test involved. I'm gonna try and take it Thursday. I love love love reading and it would be so much less stress. Maybe a little more boring but right now it sounds like a freakin' dream. Also my current job wants me to become certified, and that involves going to classes and taking this big test. I don't want to do it but if I don't and I don't get another job, I'll lose my permit status in January and won't be able to fill scripts. So everyone help me hope for the best (finding a job)!

Lastly, I reeeally want to pay off my car. I think it's kinda ridiculous that I owe 5200 on a 6 and a half year old car (03 Honda Civic.) I've always paid extra on it but I've decided to accelerate the payments and attempt to pay around $400 each time instead of the $261 that I actually owe. I hope I can keep it up. I will also be owing student loans in Jan. but that will be my only debt besides the car. I need to move out as well so that will be another expense. Does anyone else feel that they're just treading water and never moving forward? And then there's the love life right now= that's just another sad story. So that's about it for now. I've enjoyed everyone's updates and stories so much that I got excited about writing my own! Oh and one more thing! I've really wanted to see what it's like to be an extra in a movie/tv show lately, and True Blood, an HBO show about vampires, is filming here in Baton Rouge. I'm gonna send them my application to be an extra since they have an ad out. It's paid. Wish me luck on that one too! Thanks for reading!

4 Responses to “Life and money update!”

  1. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    The best of Irish Luck on:

    The Job Hunt
    Paying the car off early
    Getting the extra gig - sounds cool !
    And the love-life

    You seem to have loads going on !

    Oh and congrats on your graduation !

  2. whitestripe Says:

    oh i know how you feel. you put it nicely: treading water. i feel the same at the moment. i am working in two jobs at the moment, both part time, one 15 hours a week, the other 22 hours a week. the first one, drives me insane and i feel like quitting nearly every week - it is my family's business and lets just say, i do a fair bit of work and understand various parts of the financial side of the business, but have absolutely no say in anything financial. so i just watch the money drain out, and then scramble around trying to pay the suppliers. FUN! my second job is a job that, while it pays alright ($20 an hour) won't lead any where unless i get a qualification. getting the qualification would require me to go from $611 a week to about $220 a week, and i have half a mortgage to pay not to mention all the other costs. plus, i am not really sure if i want to become a pastry chef. sure it would be nice, but i have to stop and think, am i just doing this because it's the next logical step? also i am not sure if i am ABLE to do it because the place i work at has been effected by the GEC like every other place. argh!
    and THEN there's the prospect of studying at uni - which is what my dad is always nagging me about. i keep putting it off, because i don't actually KNOW what i want to study. i also have this horrible feeling deep down that i'm going to flounder around and fail miserably at any course i choose to do, amounting massive hecs debt and achieving zip in the process...

    so yeah.

    treading water, to put it nicely. Frown

  3. nmboone Says:

    Thanks APH for the encouragement. And WhiteStripe, I've been reading your blogs and stuff in forums for a while and I think you're very smart, so don't worry about flunking out of college. But if you don't go and you don't find out you'll always wonder, you know? I hope things go better with your family. I think you once wrote that they acted like children with money? It's the exact way my parents are. On one hand I think they did the best they could over the years, but on the other I think of how much better they could have had it if they just would have had a little more financial sense!! I think a blog is coming out of this soon.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Belated congratulations on your graduation, and I think that the circumstances that lead to your current frustrations are probably temporary. If you continue to put the same level of commitment that you did at school into finding the right niche for you, you will have some insurance that you will find yourself in a situation that seems like a terrific fit! Hang in there and don't get down on yourself... you are making progress.

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