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Just a November entry (haven't made one for this month yet!)

November 30th, 2010 at 07:58 pm

Hi everyone, today is a sick day for me. I tried to go in but I was very nauseous, etc. I won't go into details. Louisiana weather can be sudden and whenever it gets cold I catch a cold. Yesterday people were wearing short sleeves. Tonight it may go into freezing temps!

Anyway this month has been a lot of fun in some ways. I have gotten to catch up with a ton of friends. Also I got to go to the Renaissance Festival and rode an elephant there! It was so much fun even though I was exhausted from the one day trip.

Financially, the month has been a bust. $100 here, $100 there. But when I say bust, I just mean that I haven't been able to save much. On my last check I saved $200, but I don't think I saved any on the last 2 checks before that! I am kind of disappointed in myself because I can afford to save $300 on every paycheck. But that doesn't mean that it happens! Also I make 1400 every month. My major bills equal a little over $400. With about $100 for food and approx $50 for gas I don't know where the rest is going. However I did loan a family member $100 this month and getting it back would be like having saved it. Unfortunately this family member hasn't said anything about it.

I'm not looking forward to Christmas really. I would rather save all that money. If that sounds selfish, I'm sorry. I know everyone appreciates a gift on Christmas, but after that day, nobody cares! What's the point? The religious aspect means nothing to me as well. Maybe if I had my own family with kids or something but nowadays, it's not so exciting.

Been seeing a new guy for the last month and a half, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I like spending time with him and all, but he is broke from his low-paying job so we don't do too much but watch dvd's. And then he says stuff like when he gets a better paying job he won't have time for anything else. If that's not writing on the wall, I don't know what is! So I don't really know what to do with that.

But anyway, sorry this is such a negative sounding post. Being sick doesn't put you in the best of moods I guess. And if I don't get paid for a sick day today, my paycheck will be really bad.

Hope everyone is doing better than I am, haha!

PS: To cheer everyone back up I'm including a Thanksgiving pic of me and the dog I got in July. I loved it so much I made a poster out of it, lol!

6 Responses to “Just a November entry (haven't made one for this month yet!)”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Cute puppy! Great picture. Feel better soon.

  2. Rick Says:

    Hang in there :-)

  3. campfrugal Says:

    Great pics and know that you don't need to settle. Do not lower your standards for anyone.

  4. Homebody Says:

    Beautiful picture, both of you! Start writing down every penny you spend. Then you can figure out what is going on. $1000.00 a month slipping through your fingers is a lot. How do you only have $400.00 a month in expenses? If it is living with parents, you had better save now, you will not have another chance like this one. Sorry if I am a downer, my old foeggy mothering came out again!

  5. nmboone Says:

    Thanks everyone! Feeling better already today. I'm going to make it in to work. Yes I do live with the parents. I'm trying to save as much as possible for when I move out, which should be next year. I'm also looking at grad school as well, which I'll need as much money as possible. Nearly $1000 is a lot going to god knows where! I don't have anything! The shoes I wear everyday were bought for 2.50 from a garage sale earlier this year. I would like to start fixing this, although December is always a bad month to start over.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Those are great pics! I know what you mean about the holidays feeling more special with kids around... I am trying to get through final exams for the semester and also get the house decorated for our 5 year old, and it's kind of crazy. (Mommy and baby are sick, so it's kind of resting on Daddy's shoulders at the moment.) It helps a lot to have the motivation of a little one, because it is all very magical for them and it leads to great memories. I think that the family member may need a casual reminder so you have some insurance of being repaid... unless you are ready to write it off. Good luck!

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